Kooiker Recognizes Board Member Service

Kooiker Recognizes Board Member Service

Dave Weilbrenner receives a plaque from Superintendent Nicole Kooiker.

Superintendent Nicole Kooiker thanked two board members for their service to the district at the end of the regular board meeting on Monday, September 11.

Board members Greg Riley and David Weilbrenner's terms are up this month and both decided not to run again. Riley has served on the school board since 2008. He is most proud of the strong work ethic he has seen in the district. "Being married to a grade school teacher, I've known for a long time the commitment, time, and difficult challenges that teachers face every day.  Being on the Board gave me a front row seat to see firsthand how many other factors are involved in order for a district to be successful.  I have great admiration to all the teachers, administrators, and volunteers who work every day to make that happen."

Weilbrenner has served since 2013. While proud of a lot of things, he noted it is probably the little things that make the biggest difference. "I hope to leave the district better than I found it," he said.

Superintendent Kooiker presents plaque to Greg Riley









Kooiker with Greg Riley