Shauman has Personal Best in Archery Tournament

Shauman has Personal Best in Archery Tournament

The Ottumwa Bulldogs Archery teams competed in Albia on Saturday,  December 16. Jeff Shauman, Evans Middle School, shot a new personal best score of 292 with 24 tens.  Evans Middle School placed fourth and the Ottumwa High School team placed sixth.  Archer’s scores are posted below.  The highest possible score is 300 during a tournament.  

Team Standings 
 Evans Middle School, 4th place with a 3,114 
OHS, 6th place with a 3,185 

Evans Middle School Individual 
Jeffery Shauman – 292; 24 tens 1st place 
Myles Saner – 274; 10 tens 7th place 

OHS Individual scores 
Thatcher Pierson -280; 15 tens 7th place 
Zach Ross – 278; 14 tens 11th place 
Jordan Sylvester 277; 13 tens 12th place 

Elementary Individual scores 
Kiley Bankson, Liberty, 254; 6 tens 2nd place 
Alondra Huisinga, Wilson, 244; 6 tens 4th place 
Karen Rukgarber, Liberty, 212; 2 tens 12th place