Boy Donates Books to School

Laine Krogmeier

What do you do when you have books that you no longer read?

For James fourther grader, Laine Krogmeier, his mom was putting several of his used books in a garage sale. He asked if he could donate them to his school instead.

This week, Krogmeier donated 15 books to the library James Elementary . "They were favorites when I was younger but not so much now," he said. 

Krogmeier is an avid reader. During the summer he reads about a book each day. He enjoys action stunt books, scarey books, and books about gaming. He reads to improve his skills. "It helps me get better each time I read a harder book," he said. 

According to Joni Nicholson, media specialist at James, the donation included some very popular book series, including "Plants vs. Zombies," "Skylanders," and "Jedi Academy." "I thought it was very nice of him to share books from his own collection when he was finished using them," Nicholson said.  "I think some of the books got checked out the same day I put them out on the shelves!"

While not uncommon for students to donate a book or two to the library, it is not often a student brings a pile of 10-12 books.  "His were in used condition but they are all popular ones, so they are much appreciated!" Nicholson said.