OM Teams Advance to World

OM team from OHS takes first place

OM team from OHS takes first place.

Four out of five Ottumwa teams who competed Saturday, April 6 at the Odyssey of the Mind competition in Ames are advancing to the World Finals Michigan State University.

Odyssey of the Mind provides an opportunity for students to do creative problem solving. Each year, five competitive problems are released for students in grades kindergarten through college. One primary problem for young students is also released. Each problem is original, contains a few limitations, and has scoring criteria. 

Two teams took first place. The Car Team Challenge team includes:  Shawn Galloway, Addie Large, Abby Rodgers, Jace Clawson, Carter Kendrick, Samantha Kamphilounuoung, and Yaeli Curiel. Problem 5:  Opposites Distract, a team from OHS, is also heading to World Finals. Team members include:  Teagan Holman, Ava Hanson, Gael Batres, Sydney Paulk, North Lindell, Josie Young, Calvin Neely, and Kaitlyn Scott. 

Two teams also placed second and qualified for World Finals. Problem 4:  Structure Toss team members include:  Emma Strayer, Bladen Reiner, Hailey Brown, Jayden Hallgren, Kaitlyn Baeza, and Levi Tschetter. The Gadget team, including  Luke Graeve, Jarrett Wellings, Sara McElroy, Stephanie Cordova, Kevin Moreno, Keegan Ewing, Ella Allar, and Colton Addis will also advance.

Placing third in Problem  5:  Opposites Distract were Reese Bradford, Madi Greene, Annika Hicks, Kaden Potter, Caleb Norman, Lydia Roling, and Brynn Addis.  

The teams are coached by Heidi Bradford, Zack Forrett, Yadira Kelderman, and Terri Oldham. World Finals will be held in May.  

OM team picture

Evans Car Team Challenge team

OM team picture

Evans Structure Toss team

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The Evans Gadget Team

OM team picture

Evans Opposites Distract team places third.