Senior Highlight - Gillian Souravong

Gillian Souravong

Gillian Souravong

Gillian Souravong -  She was on the Drill and Colorguard Team, Academic Team, and Raider Team, extracurriculars provided by JROTC which she participated in all four years. Gillian was also in NHS/Torch Club. As a freshman, she played on the girl's varsity soccer team. Following graduation, she plans to attend the University of Iowa majoring in Biology and minoring in Child Development/Psychology on a Pre-Medicine track.

Leadership Experience - “I took JROTC all four years of high school. The class is absolutely amazing as it shapes all of the kids (cadets) who take the class into leaders that they either didn't know they were made for or provides the chance for growth as many students are shy when they first enter. I was that student who was shy but it has shaped entirely all of the leadership skills I have. My junior year I was our Battalion's Sergeant Major, I was in charge of maintaining Color Guards for events such as the Homecoming Parade, Veterans Day, football games, basketball games, pretty much anywhere where we had an event. As a senior I am/was the Battalion Commander, the top senior cadet leading the battalion making sure everything ran smoothly and providing a good environment for our cadets working alongside Chief Wynn and Chief Reinier, our battalion staff, the battalion itself, our school and our community.”

Biggest Challenge - “Adjusting my time management skills each year depending on the workload I had from my classes and the extracurricular activities and my job I was involved in after school.”

What lessons will you take away from your OHS experience? - “No matter how hard things may get or seem, you should never lose sight of who you are. Remind yourself that there is no one else but you who can truly tell yourself that you can or can not do something. In most and all cases, you can do what you set your heart and mind to.”

Most Influential Teacher - “Chief Wynn & Chief Reinier, from when I was a freshman all the way to the senior I am now. Both of them inspired me to always strive for my best, to take the extra step when no one else will, and to stand up to the challenge and face it. Most of all they reminded me that everyday is a chance to be great and to make the most out of each day.”

Advice to Underclassmen - “The moment you take your first step into the high school will be the moment you need to give high school your all. Everything counts from the moment you're a freshman to finally being a senior. Not only academically speaking but taking part in the clubs and activities the high school has to offer and stepping out of your comfort zone. You will find your place here that you will call your home away from home.”