Device Protection and Damage Fees


The District will not purchase an additional warranty on the devices. All repairs and troubleshooting will be done internally by the Technology Department.

Devices Undergoing Repair

  • Loaner devices may be issued to students when they leave their device for repair at the Technology Department’s Help Desk.
  • Repairs required due to intentional abuse or negligence may be subject to administrator approval before a loaner is issued.
  • It is important that students keep their school data synced to their Google Drive so documents and class projects will not be lost. Personal information that cannot be replaced should be kept at home on an external storage device.
  • The only cost for families will incur after a series of damages of losses have occurred.  Please review the table below.  Please recognize that Ottumwa CSD has taken every measure to ensure that the 1:1 initiative empowers students without financially burdening families unless absolutely necessary. 
Part 1st Incident 2nd Incident 3rd Incident Subsequent - Full Cost Action Required
Top Lid Cover $0 $15 $22.50 $30 Report to Help Desk
Bottom Cover $0 $15 $22.50 $30 Report to Help Desk
Charger  $0 $15 $22.50 $30 Report to Help Desk
Case  $0 $15 $22.50 $30 Report to Help Desk
Keyboard $0 $40 $60 $80 Report to Help Desk
Display Panel $0 $50 $75 $100

Report to Help Desk

System Board $0 $60 $90 $120

Report to Help Desk

Full Replacement 11" $0 $125 $187.50 $250 Report to Help Desk
Full Replacement 14" $0 $175 $262.50 $350 Report to Help Desk
Vandalism Full Cost of Repair and/or Replacement Police Report May Be Filed
Theft/Loss Full Cost of Repair and/or Replacement Report to the Help Desk and file a police report immediately. If it is determined that the theft/ loss was out of negligence a $50 replacement fee will be applied on the first incident only. If not out of negligence, this fee will be waived on the first incident only. Subsequent incidents will result in the full cost for the replacement.

Student Resources
1) The Technology Department’s Help Desk will be the primary point of contact for repair of the devices and the first line for technical support. Services provided by this resource include:

  • Coordination of warranty repair
  • Hardware maintenance and repair
  • Operating System or software configuration support
  • Password assistance
  • Receiving / returning loaner devices
  • Restoring device to factory default
  • System software updates
  • User account support
  • Wireless connectivity issue

Hours of operation for the Technology Department’s Help Desk will be 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM Monday - Thursday and 7:45 AM - 1 PM Friday. Work requests can be submitted by visiting When submitting a work request the student will need to be as specific as possible while explaining what the issue is.