Students Design Flexible Desk

2 students

Bobby Skinner and Jarrett Bainbridge

Two OHS students rose to the challenge when their biology teacher, Jen Chesnut, wanted to create a work space in the back of her classroom, utilizing the sofa where her therapy dog is located throughout the day.

Sophomores Jarrett Bainbridge and Bobby Skinner are both in Biology and Bulldog Manufacturing. Both aspire to enroll in the welding program and both have an interest in seeking a welding apprenticeship their senior year. They offered to help with constructing the table.

Chesnut did an online search for design ideas. "It was built out of materials left over from other metals projects and allows for more flexible seating in my classroom," said Chesnut.  "We discussed the design that would work best with that type of seat." Then Bainbridge took some measurements and went back to manufacturing class to craft the desk. Skinner assisted throughout the process. The result is a table that works great in Chesnut's classroom. Since completed, the table is a popular spot to sit and complete work. 

"It is perfect for the space!" she said. "Students use it all day."


student at table

student working