Retiree Profile - Jody Rupe

Jody Rupe retiree picture

Jody Rupe
An OHS graduate, Jody moved to Ottumwa at the age of one and has spent her entire educational career in Ottumwa Schools.  She went to Ottumwa Heights College and Buena Vista, taking a break during that time to stay home with her daughter. She student taught with Ann Milani and Jerry Miller and during her year, she was a long term substitute at James and then taught music at Horace Mann and Pickwick with no music background. She was hired as a Title I teacher for Seton and Wildwood and spent the majority of her career at Wildwood. She was a Title I teacher for five years and then taught second grade for more than 20 years. She is finishing her career at Liberty.

She has fond memories of the family connections she made while at Wildwood and the pen pal project she started with residents of Good Samaritan, including her mother.

During her tenure, Rupe was always involved in building and district leadership teams. “I love the Ottumwa Community School District,” she said, “from being a student (great education) to loving every minute of teaching. I’m proud to say my grandsons go to Ottumwa Schools and have wonderful teachers. They talk so highly of the teachers they’ve had. I couldn’t be prouder!”

She hopes that retirement brings more time to spend with her grandsons and travel. She is also looking forward to coming back and subbing for the district.