Teacher Quality Minutes

Teacher Quality Minutes

Teacher Quality Minutes

Sep 6, 2022


Members present: Melinda Padley-Jones, Maria Lantz, Aaron Deutsch, Steve Zimmerman, Jordan Buell, Sara Miller, Deb Buckingham, Marci Dunlap, Mike McGrory, Brett Fischels, Brad McCloskey.


Meeting was called to order at 3:30


The first order of business was to push all further meetings back to a 3:45 start time to give members more time to travel from their respective buildings.


All members then introduced themselves and the committee began to work on norms for how all future meetings will be conducted. This discussion was led by Mrs. Lantz


Mr. McCloskey then led the discussion concerning the positive response the district has received from the staff in regards to the Marzano training during the two Teacher Quality days in August. It was inquired if at a later date the preschool would receive Marzano training and the district confirmed they would receive the training later in the year. The district also mentioned that as the year progresses the Marzano training will be continually referenced as the building blocks for future professional development. The committee will also continue to look at better ways to integrate Special Education into the other curricular areas.


The meeting ended at 4:00