Superintendent's Welcome

Superintendent photo

Welcome to Ottumwa!

Dear Families and Community Members,
Welcome to the Ottumwa Community School District. We are fortunate to serve the children and families of our community. Our District serves approximately 4,700 students and is comprised of one preschool, six elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

As we begin the 2020-21school year, we are excited to announce the following points of pride: 

  1. Pickwick Early Childhood Center - After opening the facility in 2018, we have now expanded our classes into Douma Elementary and began construction of an addition to serve our students.  We are also excited about our early childhood data and the improvements we are seeing as well as the retention of students within the Ottumwa District. 
  2. 1:1 Initiative- Starting in August 2019, every high school student was assigned a Chromebook for their use at school and home with a focus on incorporating technology into quality instructional practices. Due to COVID-19, all students will be assigned a laptop computer for home use during the 2020-21 school year.
  3. SparkTank - In 2019, we expanded this project-based experience that connects teams of students with local businesses and organizations to solve real-world problems. The program, located in downtown Ottumwa, provides value-added opportunities for students to give back while becoming immersed in a professional culture. 
  4. School Safety - Every school has a secure entrance including new doors, cameras, and buzzer systems installed in our older buildings.  In addition, we update building emergency plans annually, have safety teams in every building, and building doors are numbered and marked to align with emergency response recommendations.
  5. K-8 Literacy Program Improvements - The District continues to support effective literacy instruction by providing high quality reading materials,  MTSS practices, productive standards-based collaborative teamwork through the Friday PLC structure.

Our district offers unique opportunities such as orchestra, trap shooting, archery, LEGO League, bowling, tennis, swimming and so much more.  We also offer over 30 dual enrollment courses in partnership with Indian Hills and pride ourselves on building relationships and making connections.  

At Ottumwa, we are committed to our core beliefs. Every student matters, data drive our decision making, and building relationships are the foundation of success.  We are deeply committed to building strong partnerships with families to support student learning.  We look forward to continuing to partnering with you to provide the best opportunities for your child.


Mike McGrory