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ISASP Spring Results

Posted Date: 5/22/24 (10:45 AM)

The results of the Iowa Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP) have been published. Test scores for Ottumwa School students have been uploaded to PowerSchool and are available for viewing on both the parent and teacher portals. The statewide ISASP are assessments aligned with the Iowa Core standards and provide a clear and accurate measure of student learning outcomes. Student growth, proficiency, and readiness indicators are reported.

Parent users can access their PowerSchool account, use the left hand navigation, and click on Test Results to see a complete listing of all test results for their student. Click on the name of the test that you want to view, and the results will pop up. To view the most recent ISASP results, look at the Test Date (04/2024), then click on the Test name ISASP and the results* will be displayed. *There is an N, P, or A listed on several tests (ELA, Math, Science). These letters indicate Not Proficient, Proficient, or Advanced.

For more information on how to interpret your students' results, you can view the Performance Level Descriptors hereParents and families can learn more about the ISASP assessments through the link provided.