Level I Investigators

Building principals in the Ottumwa Community School District serve as Level I Investigators for allegations of abuse of enrolled students.  Associate principals and the Director of Human Resources will serve as alternative Level I Investigators and will serve as appointed by the Superintendent of Schools.  Level I Investigators will respond promptly to allegations of physical or sexual abuse of students by school district employees by investigating or arranging for the investigation of an allegation.  The processing of a complaint or allegation will be handled confidentially to the maximum extent possible, according to board policy.  Employees are required to assist in the investigation to provide information and to maintain confidentiality of the reporting and investigation process.  All Level I Investigators and alternates have received the appropriate training to conduct such investigations.  Board policy requires the district to release this information to parents annually.





Ottumwa High School

Richard Hutchinson, Principal

[email protected]ottumwaschools.com

Telephone: 641-683-4444


Evans Middle School

Aaron Ruff, Principal

aaron[email protected]

Telephone: 641-684-6511


Douma Elementary

Amy Taylor, Principal

[email protected]

Telephone: 641-684-4668


Eisenhower Elementary

Dana Warnecke, Principal

[email protected]com

Telephone: 641-684-5617


Horace Mann Elementary

Jody Williams, Principal

[email protected]com

Telephone: 641-684-4661


James Elementary

Jay Green, Principal

[email protected]

Telephone: 641-684-5411


Liberty Elementary

Dawn Sievertsen, Principal

[email protected]ottumwaschools.com

Telephone: 641-682-4502


Wilson Elementary

Jeff Hendred, Principal

[email protected]com

Telephone: 641-684-5441


Pickwick Early

Childhood Center

Ashley Brink, Director

ashley[email protected]ottumwaschools.com

Telephone: 641-684-4668