Course/Grade Level Acceleration Approval Process

The Ottumwa Community School District recognizes that learners have different needs, and the district is committed to meeting the needs of its diverse learners.  The guiding principle of acceleration is to provide a variety of program options, which are compatible with the learning characteristics of advanced-ability learners, the unique needs of the identified students, and the resources of the district.  Course/grade level acceleration may be the best option for some learners.  Such acceleration, paces students through the curriculum at a rate commensurate with their advanced ability.  Students new to the district may be required to complete one semester/term before being recommended for acceleration.  Approval of the acceleration process includes:

  1. The person (i.e. parent/guardian, classroom teacher) recommending that a student be accelerated in a specific course/grade level completes a District Acceleration Request Form and gives it to the building TAG facilitator.  The form will specify the reasons for the request.  The parent/guardian of the student will be notified and given an opportunity to provide input, if a teacher is making the request.  Also, the teacher of the student will be notified and given an opportunity to provide input, if a parent is making the request.  
  2. After the request has been received, a portfolio reflecting the student’s academic work including items such as student’s test scores, evidence of student achievement of grade level/course standards, other available assessment information, written TAG facilitator recommendations, and teacher written recommendation for the subject(s) involved will be compiled by the TAG facilitator, CIL (curriculum and instructional leader), and classroom teacher.  All data will be forwarded to the Director of Student Supports.
  3. The Director of Student Supports will consider the request and determine if additional data are required.  Data will be gathered as needed. This additional data gathering process may take up to three weeks to complete.
  4. The team (i.e. current teacher, potential receiving teacher, TAG facilitator, CIL, Director of Student Supports, guidance counselor, and/or principal) will review the request, examine the supporting data, consider the long-term impact and implications on the student’s learning, and make a decision.
  5. A team meeting with the parents/guardians will follow with the team. 
  6. If the team recommends acceleration, the classroom teacher and receiving teacher with the TAG facilitator’s assistance will prepare a personalized education plan for the student.
  7. If the team does not recommend acceleration, the requesting party can ask for reevaluation after the student completes at least one additional semester/term.
  8. Appeal Process:  If the parents/guardians disagree with the team recommendation, they may appeal the decision to the Director of Student Supports.


Ottumwa Community School District 

District Acceleration Request Form

Requests typically take 30 days to complete the initial process.

Student’s Name ___________________________________             Date ___________________ 

Current Grade ______         School _______________________         Teacher _________________ 

Parent/Guardian Name/s ________________________________________________________________ 

Address _____________________________________________________________________________    

Cell Phone _________________________ Work Phone _______________________________________

Email _______________________________________________________________________________

Nature of request:
_____ Whole grade acceleration 

_____ Single subject acceleration (i.e., Science). List subject _____________________ 

_____ Multiple subject acceleration. List subjects ______________________________

Name of person making request: __________________________________________

Reason(s) for Request. Include reference to specific evidence and/or data to support this request. [Note: Student must show evidence of exceeding grade or subject standards and benchmarks to accelerate.] Use back of page if needed.

Provide names of your student’s teachers from the past two years (and names/addresses of schools if
different from current school) – Use back if needed.

_______________________________                     _____________________
Teacher Signature                                                     Date

________________________________                   _____________________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                        Date

Submit this completed form to your student’s building TAG Facilitator.