180 Days - Geometry is Everywhere

180 Days - Geometry is Everywhere

Braedon Krieger with an example of a pyramid.

Students were taking pictures and tweeting on their phones Tuesday as part of an assignment in their Ottumwa High School Honors Geometry class.

“My students went around the high school looking for various geometry terms that we talked about throughout the year,” said Heidi Christy, an OHS math teacher. They then posted them to Twitter using the hashtag #Iseegeometry14.

Students enjoyed the scavenger hunt using technology to demonstrate their learning. Working in teams, students roamed the halls looking for examples from a long list of terms. The goal was to get at least half of them.

Students admitted some of the terms were hard to find. For example, one team found a pyramid as part of a recycling bin. Another team found one on the votech roof. One student used her flute as a line. Trash cans were circles and the Bulldog medallion represented circumference. An abstract painting in the stairwell demonstrated rotational symmetry. “It’s a fun way to show that geometry is not just in the classroom but is everywhere,” said Evan Hanson, a freshman. Hanson enjoys math and plans to pursue a degree in engineering.

“Some kids say they are not going to use geometry but the reality is you’re going to use it in some way,” said Melanie Alvarado, a freshman. She also enjoys math and plans to be a math teacher someday.

Throughout the year, Christy did a variety of hands on activities to keep the students engaged in their learning. “It’s good to use technology during the school day because it’s advancing in society,” said Tavia Swarney, another freshman.

Hanson agreed. “We will use technology in the work place no matter where we go,” he said.

“The 21st century is here,” said Braedon Krieger.

They all agreed, “math is fun!”


high school boy with a soccer ball pointing to a geometric shape

geometric shape painted in an OHS stairwell